What is a Smart Home System?

A Smart Home System integrates many different elements of the home (lighting, shades, thermostats, audio & video, security alarm, etc) and allows for both local and centralized control. This allows you to turn on every outside light from just one button instead of having to run from room to room. You can also turn off every light in your home when you leave with the press of just a single button.

Integrate thermostats and shades/drapes into programming as well. With automated timers programmed into the system, you can set your shades/drapes to open and close, and your thermostat temperatures to raise and lower, based on time of day and sun position, conserving energy and saving you money.

Add fountains, pools and spas, fireplaces, audio & video, to the system, and you are able to easily and conveniently control their functions. Now add your system to the wireless network and you can control your home from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet or celluilar connection!

With the addition of an iPod or Android app to your phone or tablet, you can make sure your lights are all off at your home when you are on vacation, you can turn on the heat so your winter cabin is warm when you arrive, you can turn the spa heat on while you drive home from work so it is ready when you get home, THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS.

What are the benefits of home automation?

Our Smart Home System can make your home 'greener' by saving energy, can lower your energy bill, and can make your home life more convenient and safer through lighting control, heating and air-conditioning control, control of motorized shades, drapes, awnings and skylights.

Incorporating these easy to use systems into new and existing projects makes it easier than ever to reduce your carbon footprint and your energy consumption.  We save you money and energy by not only installing more energy efficient light bulbs and LEDs, but our unique approach to programming allows further savings.

Your lights can be set to turn on originally to only 85%, which is barely noticeable, but instantly cuts 15% off your electrical costs and greatly  enhances the bulb's life! 

We can program your thermostats to set to certain levels based on the time of day and enable a set back if no one is home, maximizing your home's efficiency and reducing your environmental impact.



How is WESTCO different from other dealers?

We at WESTCO take pride in providing the best and easiest to use systems based on our clients specific needs. Each project is unique and is designed to meet your specifications; your satisfaction with the end result is our priority.

Our experience in home automation has made us experts in designing a system that is the appropriate size, includes the right equipment and is programmed in the most functional way for each specific client.

We come to you with our advice on the project and then work with you to create a system that works best for you. Our systems are known for being easy to use and intuitive.

There is no point in having an automated home if it is too complicated and impossible to use, therefore we work hard to make sure that you, your family and your guests are able to use the system with ease. 

Our client's satisfaction is our top priority, we make ourselves available to make changes and fix any issues that may arise.

We often establish long standing relationships with our clients and continue to inform them of new products when they become available, and to update their systems as their needs change.

It is very important to us to be professional, to be fair in purchasing and pricing, and to make our clients happy with their system.

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